The Motorola razr flip/smartphone is here

The Motorola razr flip/smartphone is here

We already knew that the Motorola razr would be coming back at some point and that point is now. The all-new Motorola razr is an updated version of the flip-phone many of us loved and owned so many years ago and the company really captured it here in this flip/smartphone form factor.

With Samsung and Huawei already showing off their folding smartphones, it was time for Motorola to pull the curtain back on the razr. The display is made of plastic, much like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but according to The Verge Motorola isn’t concerned with it being too fragile.

The phone is sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 which isn’t the latest chipset but should be sufficient to get most through their tasks. The phone is also supposed to have water “repellency”, not water resistance but still a nice feature. According to The Verge, the camera isn’t all that great and that could be an issue for some.

The price to get the all-new Motorola razr is going to be US$1,500 and that is a lot of dough. The price of entry is mostly due to the new screen technology. The company seems confident that its version is going to be better than what Samsung has on the Fold. We haven’t had any time with this device so we can’t offer any sort of opinion on its build or screen quality,

That being said, it seems the Motorola razr might fall short when it comes to pure specifications inside, compared to the competition. So basically, if you purchase this device, it’s purely for the novelty of the screen technology and not a whole lot more. We hope we can get some hands-on time with the razr but we probably won’t.

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