Launch of ‘Fiverr Certified’ Delivers Tech Support for Small Businesses

In a move set to redefine technical support for small businesses, Fiverr International Ltd. announced the launch of ‘Fiverr Certified’ on June 29, 2023. This will create a marketplace of certified freelance experts specifically vetted by prominent tech partners such as Amazon Ads,, and Stripe. This solution will enable these companies to better serve their customers by connecting them with trusted, certified professionals.

Small businesses often struggle with inadequate support from their Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors due to the lack of full-time IT staff to install, customize, and maintain their products. However, Fiverr Certified looks to address this pressing need. Businesses can now swiftly connect with certified experts, vetted and endorsed by tech partners, to provide timely and competent assistance.

One of the early adopters,, acknowledges the significant impact Fiverr Certified has had on reaching a wider client base. “Partnering with Fiverr Certified has helped us serve a new client segment. We can now deliver professional services and solutions to our customers from vetted, certified professionals,” said Ophir Penso, a VP of Channel Partnerships & Indirect Sales.

Mandi Ehman, Director of Marketing for Podia, praised the new initiative, saying, “Fiverr Certified is exactly what we were looking for – a way to identify, certify, and promote Podia experts so that our users can find the right service provider for their specific needs.” Fiverr Certified, thus, becomes an innovative solution benefiting small businesses, certified experts, and tech partners alike.

The launch of Fiverr Certified is not just advantageous for small businesses but also provides freelancers on Fiverr an opportunity to expand their skill set and generate more revenue. In the words of Fiverr Founder and CEO, Micha Kaufman, “Fiverr Certified is a natural progression towards that goal – producing beautifully simple product solutions to tedious business problems.”

Tech partners participating in the Fiverr Certified program, apart from Amazon Ads,, and Stripe, include WooCommerce, Leadpages, and Podia.

Fiverr’s underlying mission is to revolutionize how the world works together, striving to democratize access to talent and provide opportunities for talent to grow businesses, brands, or dreams. In the past year, over four million customers globally, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, partnered with freelance talent on Fiverr, reflecting a flexible, adaptive, and agile workforce.

Companies under the Fiverr umbrella include ClearVoice, CreativeLive, Working Not Working, SLT Consulting, and Stoke Talent. They all contribute to shaping the future of work, thereby providing valuable resources to small businesses worldwide.

With Fiverr Certified, small businesses now have a streamlined, reliable way to overcome technical challenges and focus more on their core operations, ensuring their growth and sustainability in an increasingly digital marketplace.