CyberKongz Review: One Of The First Solid PFP NFT Projects

What is CyberKongz?

CyberKongz is a set of 1,000 NFTs featuring 34 × 34 pixel pictures of uncommon, distinctive, and randomly created apes. Just 989 of the original 1,000 NFTs were sold on OpenSea, CyberKongz #810 was retained as the project’s mascot, and 10 CyberKongz Legendary were sold two weeks later.

Despite the lack of a pre-release advertising effort, the project drew a lot of interest from NFT fans, and CyberKongz avatars immediately became popular on social media.

You’d be hard-pushed to find PFP projects that have been around longer than this one, which was given to the public on March 3rd, 2021. A total of 989 Genesis CyberKongz were made available for purchase at a cost of 0.01 ETH apiece. The concept soon gathered traction in the following weeks. This resulted in the sale of 11 legendary Kongz for a total of 200 ETH.

Everything changed for Kong holders on April 17th. The project switched to a new contract, which allows for the addition of all new utilities for holders. Holders now have the following new features:

Throughout time, CyberKongz has grown into a community-focused initiative in which NFT engineers and community specialists devote their talents to the development of community ideas. It evolved from a modest PFP project to a passive income-generating machine over time.

Later on, the project created two further NFT collections: 4,000 Baby CyberKongz and 15,000 CyberKongz VX. The CyberKongz VX 3D collection, in addition to successfully increasing the CyberKongz community, enables owners to utilize their NFTs in multiple metaverses.

When it comes to this universe, there are four keywords to understand:

  • Genesis CyberKongz – The original collection of 2D avatars
  • Baby Kongz – Result of “breeding” two genesis CyberKongz
  • CyberKongz VX – 3D Voxel-Based avatars
  • BANANA Token – Native token for CyberKongz owners


Each NFT in the collection is made up of the following 4 properties:

  • Genesis Trait has 62 different types including: Square Sunglasses, Gold Glasses, Eye Patch, ….
  • Legendary Trait has 10 different types including: Astronaut, Devil, Ghost,…
  • Type has only one type, Genesis
  • Birthday is a marker for the birth of each NFT in the collection and is randomly numbered between 1618607943 and 1631762429.

Key metrics

  • NFT Collection Name: CyberKongz
  • Classification: PFPs
  • Total amount of NFTs: 1,000 NFT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Number of features: 4
  • NFT contract: 0x57a204AA1042f6E66DD7730813f4024114d74f37

NFT Utility

The BANANA cryptocurrency, which is the CyberKongz utility token, was created by the team. All Genesis CyberKongz holders will get 10 BANANA tokens every day for the next ten years as a thank-you for their early support of the project. These tokens may be redeemed for cash, used to breed Baby CyberKongz, or burnt to give their special qualities.

Besides that, NFT holders may rename their NFTs by investing in some BANANA tokens. All holders will also get access to a private Discord channel for holders exclusively.

In every choice, the team clearly prioritizes the owners. Owners, for example, have complete NFT commercial rights to the 2D and 3D versions of their CyberKongz. Additionally, the sophisticated tokenomics in the ecosystem were created with the intention of benefiting the owners in the long term. Users may also use NFT as their avatar on social networking sites or Metaverse services like The Sandbox.

How much does CyberKongz generate?

Each Genesis Kong grows 10 BANANA each day and will continue to do so for the next 9-10 years. When we initially looked at this collection, that amounted to $480 in passive yield every day. At the current pricing of BANANA at $0.46, it is more in the area of $4.6 per day.

Although not insignificant, it represents a big decrease from the previous year. BANANA is currently held by little about 500 wallets. Nonetheless, with additional usefulness on the way, this is a token to keep an eye on.

BANANA may now be used to:

  • Write your bio like 100 BANANA.
  • 10 BANANA is a custom name.
  • VX Kong name changes cost 2 BANANA.

Play & Kollect

Apart from Baby and VX Kongz, Play & Kollect Jungle Adventure is their second major deliverable for holders. Holders may participate in the Polygon Network with minimal to no gas expenses or concern about environmental effects.

CyberKongz VX owners may form crews of one to five people and send them on missions to collect Kongium Ore. This ore (or ERC-1155 NFT) may be redeemed for a portion of the season’s BANANA pool as well as other special incentives. Each season lasts 10 days, so there are plenty of chances for everyone to collect their fair share of the goodies.

To begin with, each crew has one free excursion every day. Holders may acquire resources for free by consuming the fuel rod they obtain for their crew. After that, each further resource collection trip you send your team will cost 0.4 BANANA. Moreover, the pool of excess BANANA that will accrue as a result of holders sending their personnel on extra missions will be returned to the community. 50% will be added to the season’s prize pool, 10% to a community treasury, and 40% will be burnt.

Deflationary mechanisms, as well as gamified usefulness, may restore BANANA to its former status as a passive generating goldmine.


The team has already completed numerous milestones on its plan. This covers developing metaverse playable versions, obtaining land in The Sandbox, establishing community governance, and making 3D printable obj files. There are also other ongoing initiatives, such as Play and Kollect and Kongz Tank.

Jungle Adventure, a blockchain game in which holders may gain different in-game incentives, is included in the Play and Kollect. Players will use their CyberKongz VX to collect Kongium and redeem rewards such as BANANA and unique NFTs in this game.

Kongz Tank, on the other hand, is essentially an NFT counterpart of the popular TV show Shark Tank. The team is always looking for new talent to help them create games and interactive experiences using the Play and Kollect technologies. All games will be launched on the Polygon Network and may also be partially off-chain.

The team also works together with organizations such as The Sandbox, MetaKey, Uniqly, Solarbots, and Global Webb. They have also just hired UFC veteran Chuck Liddell.

CyberKongz has informed the community about a 4-tier roadmap as follows:

  • Level 1 (CyberKongz VX Launch): VX was launched in partnership with The Sandbox, and integration as a playable avatar into The Sandbox game is currently in development.
  • Level 2 (The Banana Shop): Players will also be able to purchase custom VX wearables to give their avatars additional in-game adventures in the community-built Metaverse games. .
  • Level 3 (Kongz Island): A jungle with multiple zones built into The Sandbox where both CyberKongz and Sandbox aim to create a gaming and social experience related to all CyberKongz NFTs as well as Banana Tokens.
  • Level 4 (Kongz Extension): Owning one or more grants any user access to the clan.

How to buy Sappy Seals NFTs?

You can buy these NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.


The team has not been completely doxxed, and numerous team members remain nameless. This project’s mad scientist and artist is Myoo. They are now hard at work, together with a team of developers and core members, to construct the future.


CyberKongz has a vast and diversified community on social networking networks. Moreover, CyberKongz formed a Kongz council of active community members who would take the role of the community in project development and orientation activities.

Should you own Sappy Seal NFT?

When it comes down to it, this debate is becoming more fascinating. Fresh initiatives are being launched on a daily basis. And there are undoubtedly some fresh collections in this discussion among the initiatives that have been minting in recent months.

Yet, CyberKongz and other well-known initiatives give long-term stability. It has maintained its floor price during the bull and bear cycles since last year.

The key qualification of a blue-chip collection should be price consistency, which CyberKongz unquestionably fulfills. Not only was their floor price consistent, but Genesis holders have been raking in BANANA for over a year. Some diamond-hand bearers have earned a good living by clutching their CyberKong.

Customers may invest their Ethereum into this collection with confidence. They are not concerned about their NFTs losing half their value overnight. Holders have no motive to even look at the floor price. They earn a year’s income passively and continue to receive value from the developers.

CyberKongz is unquestionably a blue-chip collection that will be around for a long time, if not forever.


Over time, the common vision of advancing CyberKongz as a community-based initiative evolved. Some of the best developers and specialists in the NFT and De-Fi field may be found in the group. Who contributed their talents and effort to the development of the community’s ideas? The BANANA coin was produced quickly, giving genesis CyberKongz the potential to earn 10 BANANA every day for the following ten years. Owners may give their CyberKongz attributes such as a unique name and biography by burning a particular quantity of BANANA, as well as breed and incubating one of 4,000 randomly created Baby CyberKongz with various qualities and rarities.

From then, CyberKongz VX was seen as the natural next step. With so many people eager to explore the metaverse, the NFT proẹct understood they needed to bring the jungle to life and put the swing into action.

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