Anik Singal Reviews Legit Uses of ChatGPT and Other AI Marketing Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm over the past year. In the space of only a few months, AI has gone from a fairly unknown technology to a global system of powerful integrations, platforms, and tools that help to drive progress. The world of marketing has drastically felt the arrival of AI, with new tools springing up every single day that push its capabilities even further.

Anik Singal, CEO and founder of the online education platform Lern, has a huge amount of experience using these tools and getting the most out of AI. In this article, we’ll turn to Anik’s reviews of ChatGPT and other leading AI platforms, demonstrating exactly how marketing teams can get more from artificial intelligence.

We’ll dive into legit uses of AI, covering:

  • Long-form content
  • Creating a Company
  • Content Generation
  • Streamlining workflows

Let’s dive right in.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Legit Books and Long-Form Content

Recently, Anik Singal created a Facebook Short about his experience using ChatGPT to write a book in under five hours. ChatGPT has the incredible potential to generate content in seconds; you just need to know what information to prompt it with. You’re able to ask a generative AI tool to find the top 5 best-selling books on a certain area niche and to summarize them.

By then following up with asking ChatGPT to create a new book outline based on the core lessons from those top 5 books, you’re able to create a comprehensive outline of a winning book. However, you can take it one step further, by prompting ChatGPT to suggest other areas you can write about that the top books missed.

After adding those additional points to your book, you have a complete book outline that’s ready to go. While you could start writing from scratch, you can also use AI to then start writing the book for you. You can ask it to write the first chapter, edit it if you’d like, or simply outsource the editing process to an expert on a platform like Upwork.

By using ChatGPT, the process of writing a book – one that could take months of research and writing – can be condensed to a few days or even less. The generative powers of artificial intelligence cannot be overlooked.

Using ChatGPT To Create a Company

Another use case that the marketing industry has seen with AI is using it to create businesses. One entrepreneur told ChatGPT that they had a budget of $100, asking what business they could create with that amount of money. One of the suggestions was an affiliate marketing business.

By then asking ChatGPT to direct the entrepreneur to a site to generate logos, buy a domain, and learn more about affiliate marketing, they were able to create a business in under a day. By then posting about their new business venture online and gaining some traction, they were able to get an investment of $25,000.

According to Business Insider, the entrepreneur then used this initial traction and hype around Ai to gain a larger audience. They started to conduct interviews and created a community on Discord to keep discussing the power of AI with interested parties.

In one day, this entrepreneur turned $100 into $25,000, all thanks to the generative powers of AI.

How To Use Legit AI Tools to Create Faceless Videos

By using a mixture of ChatGPT, Speechify, and Invideo, you’re able to rapidly create faceless videos in a matter of minutes. AI tools are fantastic at speeding up processes that you’re already familiar with and creating automatic pathways you can set in motion. For example, you can get ChatGPT to create a script on any topic you want, generate audio with Speechify, then create a background video with Invideo.

By using different AI tools in tandem, you’re able to create a network of effective systems that help you to create a number of content types. While this example focuses on faceless videos, you could add another AI tool like Movio to add an artificially generated actor reading out your script. The possibilities are really endless when using AI tools in tandem.

This strategy is far from untapped, with a quick Google showing you hundreds of results, YouTube video courses, and explanation blogs demonstrating how to do this. This just goes to show how quickly artificial intelligence has caught on, with the space already being flooded with automatically generated content.

However, despite the fact that lots of people are already generating videos with this method, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. One of Anik Singal’s top growth lessons discusses the power of building up a network of followers around yourself. On a public platform like YouTube, you can rapidly build up an audience to support you.

Making faceless videos is a testament to the sheer breadth of what you can achieve when mixing several AI tools together.

Using AI Tools to Save Time

One of the most resounding benefits that marketing teams are experiencing when integrating AI technology is how much faster it allows you to complete projects. Marketers like Anik have noticed that beyond the accuracy or precision of AI tools, their real value lies in speed. Of course, a copywriter could produce better copy than the AI itself.

However, what takes a copywriter a few hours might take a tool like ChatGPT a few moments. By understanding this, you’re able to use it to get projects started and running as soon as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin, asking ChatGPT to brainstorm some ideas will point you in the right direction.

Equally, allowing it to generate parts of your workflow and then having an expert edit them will considerably speed up the content production process.

Final Thoughts

AI marketing has come a long way in the past few months. What was a little-known subsection of the industry is now a powerful system of advanced tools that marketing teams can take advantage of. Having reviewed methods of using AI, it’s clear to see that there are countless applications.

The methods and ideas we’ve included on this list only represent a small fraction of the total AI tools currently available. That’s not to mention the new tech additions that are hitting the market every single day, which bring further use cases to the industry. By incorporating AI marketing tools into your marketing strategies, you’ll be able to optimize workflows, save time, and produce content faster than ever before.

The AI revolution has arrived, it’s time to bring yourself up to speed.