The Idea That Started It All

What most of people are not aware of, is that there is actually one visionary behind the most rampantly used business techniques of using ‘points’ in order to avail items in a cheaper amount. Almost all of the businesses nowadays are using this effective marketing strategy in order to lure more patrons on their side. Like most strategies, this technique of ‘awards system’ came from one man who thought of it way before other businesses have. Bob Edwards is the genius behind FundAmerica, a company united in providing products from manufacturers at a discounted rate. FundAmerica has become a widely known business encompassing eight states. A lot of people have joined this community of reselling and distribution and they found it to be very economical whereas all you need to do is to is simply sign up to be a member and you will freely enjoy the perks of getting products and services at lower rates. The idea appealed to a lot of people who thought it was very practical to sign up in an organization of manufacturers and customers in order to get the products at a better price than what single-purchasing on most malls can offer.


Now, probably all business are using Bob Edwards’ foolproof marketing technique using points and awards. Its counter-productivity to both business and customers has become very beneficial to both of them. Because of this, the businesses will gain more customers, whereas the customers will be able to avail products at a lower price. If it wasn’t for Bob Edwards idea of giving out rewards and points to make shopping more rewarding and economical, then businesses would not be able to see how effective and a surefire success this strategy can be. His thinking has been always ahead of his time and thinks advance than others. His concept made a very humongous wave in the marketing and business industry and the proof of which lies in the employment of this technique to almost every business so to speak. A lot has copied his concept but the history will always point to him as the man who started it all.


Until now, Bob Edwards is a businessman focusing on his new undertaking as the president of Our World Network Youth Juice, where he is again banking on his marketing genius introducing this product from country to country. He continues to run a campaign around the globe taking over the health and wellness industry.