Spear and Eat at the Hermitage Restaurant

Fondues, resurrected from the 70’s, are still going strong as hipster communication food.

Chef and owner Herve Martin always has fondue available on his menu, you just have to ask and give him 48 hour notice if this is your plan for your unforgettable evening at the Hermitage restaurant.

“Oil is far too ‘evy to digest,” says Herve Martin, of his beef tenderloin fondue. “So, we do it in wine. In Burgundy, it’s pinot, pinot, pinot.” The meal also includes cabbage and bacon soup, a green salad, potatoes, a cheese plate and for dessert, pears poached in red wine with black current sorbet.

The beauty of the fondue, Burgundy style, is that the flavors are so much more present. It’s a joy to bite into a piece of meat that has been slowly cooking in red wine. It’s so much more than just dinner, it’s a very social and fun way to have dinner. You have more time for interaction and talk as your meats are cooking.

It’s a perfect date dinning experience, gets families to talk more around the table, but best of all, it’s a very healthy way to eat.

It’s a perfect winter meal and it is now served until spring as a promotion for $49 per person. But, is also available year round. Ask and you shall receive.

Herve Martin says parties have booked out the entire restaurant for a fondue party.

By Mia Stainsby

The Vancouver Sun

February 2005

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