Infographic: This is the evolution of the Galaxy Note Series

I remember when I purchased the first Samsung Galaxy Note and was immediately mocked and ridiculed by most of my family and friends. The jokes were neverending, from holding laptops up to their heads to laughing at the included S-Pen, I never heard the end of it. That is, until other smartphone makers started making their screens larger.

There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy Note series ushered in a new era of smartphones, sometimes called phablets. The phablet has fast become the standard in smartphones, and anything smaller than a 5.5″ screen just seems ridiculous.

The Galaxy Note series has had a great amount of success, but it also has had its share of trouble. The most notable is the Note7 battery fire issue that plagued the company and eventually caused them to recall the device. To their credit, Samsung acknowledged the issue and made serious improvements to the next iterations of the device.

The Note series has been so popular that the company has made their Galaxy S series with the same size screens. So the only real differentiator between the Galaxy S and the Note series is the Note’s S-Pen. With the latest announcement of the next Note looming, we thought we’d share an infographic that shows the evolution of the device.

The infographic below is courtesy of Gadgets Deck and it does a good job of illustrating the timeline of this market-changing device. Check it out below:

Samsung Galaxy Note