Web Design Perth

Hello! If you haven’t noticed lately, new websites are popping up literally every second of the day. At some point, you are going to need to get a web site designed for your business. Web Design Perth is a necessity if you want to not only boost your company’s credibility, but add new prospective customers and higher profits.
Let’s look further into what a good web design must have in order to gain more credibility and customers for your business:
1. Immediately grab the user’s attention – This is very important! You must create a web site that immediately grabs your user’s attention within the first three seconds of them clicking. There have been numerous studies done that when a user is using a search engine to crawl the internet that they will click back and forth and stay on each website for an average of three seconds until they find what they are looking for.
2. Clean and crisp design – The average web surfer can tell right away whether the website they are on is worth staying on by the way the design is constructed. You must really strive to achieve a design that is clean, crisp, and easy to navigate. Anything other than that and you can count on the web surfer to click back and find another website to visit.
3. Give answers right away – You need to make sure your website gives the surfer what they are looking for right away. For example, a surfer looking for the best weight loss supplements wants to click on a website that ensures them they are on the RIGHT website. Pictures of your best weight loss supplement followed by a ten star user review and a link to buy would be an example of giving the user what they want RIGHT AWAY. That’s just one example of direct marketing that works – make sure your web design perth is setup to offer your users answers right away.
4. Build trust – There are many internet professionals who call the internet the “wild wild west.” That’s because literally anyone can put up a website and start an online business in 5 seconds with how the internet is setup. With this come a lot of scams, spams, abuse, and bad business. You need to ensure your surfer that they are on a legitimate website that’s there to give them what they want right away. With every web design perth I create I make sure there is links for the following:
– Contact us
– Privacy Policy
– Terms of Service
– Disclaimer
By adding these links and giving as much detailed contact information as possible, I can ensure that any user to my website feels comfortable in making a decision to use my company for their web design needs.
5. Quick – If there’s one thing that can kill the amount of visitors to your website, it’s how quick your website loads. I know it’s tempting to put as many images, videos, and audios on your website as possible, but work to make sure your web design loads quick and easily for surfers.