The William D Ford Direct Student Loan Plan

Some Key Benefits of Direct MarketingOne of the best forms of marketing in today’s world is direct marketing. There are various benefits of direct marketing for any company, immaterial of its size.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct marketing involves interactivity, using advertising media. Direct marketing can also create many good leads, which could increase the business prospects of a company. Currently direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail marketing and television marketing which uses a direct response approach are the most effective means of direct marketing. Direct mail involves the usage of postal service. The same approach is used for e-mail marketing. With direct marketing, it is possible for a company to increase its overall sales, enjoy a higher number of loyal customers and improve its current products or services for better sales. A company can also test out its new product or service.

Some Key Benefits of Direct Marketing

The Direct student loan program started approximately 15 years ago and was intended to cut out the middle man so that, instead of involving banks, credit unions and other private lenders, the Federal government loans the money directly to students and parents.Direct loan programs overlap the alternative which is called the FFELP, or Federal Family Education Loan Program, which is a program designed to work through a network of private lenders.