This tech startup raises $10 million to protect artificial intelligence from the government

Aaron Ginn is the CEO and co-founder of Hydra Host, a tech startup dedicated to safeguarding artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computing from government interference. In addition, he also founded the Lincoln Network, now known as the Foundation for American Innovation, an organization that connects the tech industry with policymakers to foster collaboration and make decisions for a prosperous future.

Last year, Hydra Host secured $10 million from the Founders Fund to “ensure AI and advanced computing is never captured by one government.” Other backers in the round included Sterling Road, 1517 Fund, Sovereign’s Capital, and Loup Ventures.

Hydra Host also used the funding proceeds to scale the development of a resilient, secure cross-cloud infrastructure. The startup offers a user-friendly API-driven platform allowing companies to monetize available GPUs or high-grade CPUs, covering all necessary components.

Ginn co-founded Hydra Host with COO Garrett Johnson in 2021 with a mission to empower customers to manage their digital infrastructure independently, free from government influence. The platform, which is cross-cloud, facilitates app deployment across public and private cloud providers. Hydra provides high-level advisory services and expert implementation tailored to client priorities, whether focused on security, resilience, or scalability.

One of the challenges mentioned by Johnson last year was the need for more hands on deck to support their growing user base. With the recent funding, Hydra Host plans to double its engineering team, aiming for a total headcount of 30-35 by the end of 2022. The startup, established just a year ago, currently employs 20 individuals.

Hydra Host’s revenue has seen remarkable growth, rising over 80% month over month in the last three quarters. Starting from zero revenue, the company achieved $1.2 million ARR and aims for $1.5 million ARR by the end of the current quarter. As of 2022, the startup serves 25 companies from across the United States, with a significant boost attributed to the growth in crypto and web3.

In a podcast interview with Anthony Pompliano, Ginn discussed how Hydra Host plays a crucial role in protecting AI from governments globally. The conversation spanned topics from the state of venture capital to advanced computing, geopolitical conflicts, politics, and various contrarian ideas Ginn has embraced over the last decade in Silicon Valley, sparking curiosity and debate.