IPhone Dev Secrets – How to Create iPhone Applications with No Programming

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is turn means “Using the language of the mind or nervous system to consistently and efficiently create your desired results in life”. The term “neuro” is used because it refers to your nervous system.

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you or rather nervous system, disassociate itself from the limiting patterns it has coded and stored.

Some Areas where Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Can Help You

    • In sport, NLP can help you remove obstacles and overcome plateaus and condition your nervous system powerful patterns that automatically “fire” during sporting events thereby allowing you to reach higher levels of peak performance.
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming can also help you remove any fears and phobias that are limiting your life, allergies, dyslexia and other conditions that conventional beliefs or system of medicine would say are there to stay in your life.

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Create a Life of Serenity, Results and Balance

Want to create your own iPhone Applications with no programming skills? What is iPhone Dev Secrets?

  • Afraid to start creating their own iPhone Applications because of no skills.
  • No programming skills
  • With programming skills but doesn’t know how
  • lack of support
  • simply afraid to start


iPhone Dev Secrets will show you how to create your own iPhone Applications in just 4 short months!