Dump Costly Invoices, Text Messages Are Free

Let’s face it, the world’s modern now. Sending invoices is not anymore as practical as they were before. Can you imagine the hassle of sparing one day every month just to type out invoices, print them, put them into individual envelopes and drive down to the post office to have the them sent out to your nearly a hundred tenants? What a painstaking job indeed.

With the emergence of portable communication devices such as tablets and cellphones, reminding your tenants of their monthly dues has never been easier, and cheaper. When you send your tenants invoices in black and white, you will have to pay for the paper, the envelope, the stamp, and the post office to deliver them. That’s a lot of expenses if you’re going to do it on a monthly basis. If you use your mobile phone to send the invoices in the form of SMS instead, you won’t have to be hassled by the labor of doing the invoices one by one. You can just type out one that’s standard which you can send to each one of your tenants in just one click.

You can also send the invoices via the internet. Just have all of your tenant’s contact number in your email, or email program, and then you’re off to sending out a standard invoice to that batch.

If you will have to choose between something that’s laborious and costly versus something that’s easy and free, common sense would tell you to go for the latter. You can’t afford to be impractical these days. The money you’re wasting for sending out those crappy invoices could otherwise be used for something that could give you better returns. Perhaps you can add that few extra dollars to the incentives you’re supposed to give to your tenants in order for them to renew their lease.