Enhance Your PC Performance

If your PC has become as slow as a snail, all the software programs are running super slow and you are completely frustrated due to this, then you must consider some tips to enhance your PC performance. If your computer is crashing often, then try the following tips to improve the performance of your PC and you will be amazed after seeing the result:
• You should clean up the registry to enhance the performance. It is important to clean the Registry as every time you install a new program or software, many changes take place in the Windows Registry, which an internal database. This database stores a range of information that virtually controls the entire system and its behavior. The Registry, cannot correctly handle the changes made to your PC, all the time the. This creates conflicting entries and information in the database; as a result the Registry gets corrupted. This problem can be solved by using the Windows program, Regedit. But, as everyone does not know how to manually handle the Regedit program, using the programs like “Registry Optimizer” that are made for cleaning the Registry automatically, is an easier way. You can use this program daily.
• You can also empty the Windows Recycle Bin to save some space in the hard drive. As whenever you remove or delete something from your hard drive, it is not completely removed. Windows puts it in the Recycle Bin, which allows you to restore it, if you want. The Windows Recycle Bin uses the space allotted from your hard drive, to keep those files. To empty the Windows Recycle Bin, you can ‘right click’ on its icon present on the desktop and select the ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ option. This will recover your hard drive space and enhance your PC performance. You can do this once every week.
• You should remove the programs from your PC which you do not use or will not need anymore. This will recover a lot of the space in your hard drive and relieve your computer from bloating and crashing. To remove or uninstall a program or software, you will have to go to the Start Menu then go to Control Panel, select “Add/Remove Programs” by double clicking on it, find the program you want to uninstall click on it and select the “Change/Remove” option. This will uninstall the program.
Following these tips you will be able to enhance your PC performance and get rid of the frequent crashing and slowdown of your computer.