What is Yahoo Web Hosting?

This is the place where your website is actually stored and also the server from which the data comprising the site is transferred when someone visits it. Specifically, these two aspects of web hosting are referred to as storage and bandwidth.

These terms may all sound intimidating, but they’re really not that complex, at least conceptually. When it’s broken down, here is the best way of understanding how it all works.

The storage at a company like Yahoo hosting refers to the place where all the information and media that makes up your site is held, so that it can be accessed when someone types in your website address. Keep in mind that the internet isn’t some big bank somewhere in the center core of the earth that we can all just drop websites into and then they are there forever. The internet is simply a huge network of computers, basically.

Thus, within the network there literally has to be a computer somewhere with a hard drive on it that keeps your site’s data saved. The act of Yahoo web hosting doing this is called “Storage.” To better understand this, realize that when you save a picture or song or text document on your personal computer, you in fact are offering yourself the service of personal storage.

The type of storage at Yahoo web hosting is only different because it’s public storage, meaning the kind that will be available to anyone who knows your website’s address. But essentially a web site is just like a bunch of pages stored on a computer known as a web server on a huge network.

Yahoo obviously has many computers. They, like most web hosts, actually keep copies of your site’s data on multiple computers as a deliberate redundancy. This way, if the worst happens and a server fails for any reason, Yahoo web hosting always has another copy of your site on an alternate server (often in multiple geographic locations).