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Online Mortgage Leads Versus Direct Mail

A debate is raging on in marketing departments around the world … should a mortgage company use direct mail or buy mortgage leads generated from the internet. Some argue the internet mortgage leads are cost effective … while others argue the direct mail workhorse is the safe bet.

Direct mail marketing is pretty simple. Companies formulate a mailer … mail them to customers whom have requested more information or prospective customers purchased from a list. Kim Frazier works for a Corporate Marketing Products and Services business. He recommends companies to invest in “dimensional direct mail. In study after study, “lumpy” mail elicits more response (by almost twice) than flat mail alone.”

Email marketing on the other hand allows a company to reach a far larger audience for the same dollar. “Take time to ensure your email marketing is aligned with other marketing efforts. Direct mail, advertising and trade shows should all interconnect with your email marketing to provide a single image, brand and position.

Online Mortgage Leads Versus Direct Mail

Most Insurance Commissioners list the companies operating on this basis.