Defensa Contra El Mal

” Defence against evil “refers to the genre of games tower defense. All the great fans of the strategies and games tower defense are you absolutely absorbing and worth playing! You’re some kind of entertainment, no doubt you’re in the right place.

The player has to defend the crystals of the invading forces and building deadly towers of any kind, obstructing the evil troops. On each next level the player will have more difficulties to overcome.

This online game has 10 levels to cool beat. 5 towers are five powerful techniques and each has its own special characteristics.

Let’s look at them. The turret is the most expensive fast paced and it automatically attack the invaders. Then comes the frozen turret, which can freeze your enemies bullets ice to them. Also you have the turret poisonous, of course, the evils emponzoa, she sends poisonous bullets. The turret with chains chains all the attackers. Above all, you have the turret against evil – the name speaks for itself s – is the most powerful!

The player must click on the turrets and drag them to where you want them. Definitely enemies arrepentirn their invasion! The graphics quality is not as good as expected. But in fact, that does not spoil the impression of the game.

Today marks the gaming industry offers the player a variety of entertaining games tower defense free, but this is one of the best of this genre. Invaders are coming! Defend or Die!