Avira Premium Suite Revisited

The Avira Premium Security Suite may be good in detecting malware but not much in other aspects that the best antivirus firewall software is expected to provide.  Despite this, many people find many positive features of Avira Premium Security Suite.

The good thing about Avira is its ability to easily detect threats, and it is the fastest when it comes to scanning the computer. Avira Internet Security has an anti-bot system feature that has dual protection against bot infections.  For a lot of computer users, this feature is one good feature of the best antivirus for them.

A bot is a virus that may spread through different computers through P2P (peer-to-peer) files and so on. When the bot has already infected the computer, it will remain still and inactive until the time the hackers give commands through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers and ports.  This is used to send spam and other malware right under the user’s nose.

Avira is good at detecting and blocking such bots. It also has the capacity to list down the servers that cannot be trusted, and Avira will eventually block those suspicious ports.

Another plus point about the security software is that installing Avira Premium Security Suite is fast and simple. It will require only minimal system resources and has two installation options, the standard and custom.

On the downside, it does not have parental controls and other features. It does not effectively block pop-up windows. A pop-up will appear on your screen from time to time asking you whether to allows system changes or programs to be connected to the Net. Another downside to Avira is that it does not have an anti-link checker for your Internet browser. But, the good thing is that it has a very good web guard that will guard the computer from any attack from the Web once it is detected.

Avira’s firewall also does an excellent job. The firewall has a separate configuration. Its IPS or Intrusion Prevention System can be configured to allow the user to specifically scan how many ports before it shuts them down.

To sum it all up, the Avira Premium Security Suite does an excellent job when it comes to the best antivirus protection and detection. It has the smallest amount of system requirements and has the fastest scanning speed. Though it lacks other important features that will make your Internet usage safer and well-protected as other antivirus firewall software programs do, it is still a fairly good safeguard against malware.