Cordless Phone Comparison

Riding a bike is easy one you know how. The same goes for comparing cordless phones. The difference is that most of us don’t buy more than a handful of phones in a lifetime. The challenges include (a) thousands of options to choose from (b) technology that is forever changing, and (b) insufficient practice. The outcome is almost always hit or miss. Decisions are based on looks, recommendations from sales assistants and loyalty to trusted brand. Unfortunately these strategies may or may not pinpoint the best cordless phones, or the best value for money.
Cordless Phone Reviews
Another strategy is to research the latest cordless telephone reviews and ratings. If you have the time and inclination it’s always a good idea to be armed with information when comparing consumer electronics. On the downside information overload will often give rise to a common condition called analysis-paralysis.
We have also found that many cordless telephone reviews and ratings are far from helpful. Because the average phone lasts four, five years or longer, reviewers may not be up-to-date with the latest developments. If they previously owned a 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz phone, it’s almost inevitable that a new DECT 6.0 phone will impress them, no matter what brand or model. However it may not be the best available or most suitable cordless phone.
Is it the Latest?
Unless you’re a collector it’s unlikely that you want to buy a retro or vintage phone. While the latest phones use DECT 6.0 technology, retailers and distributors have enormous inventories of older models that they will be unloading for years to come. Beware of advice and recommendations from shop assistants who may have a deal on a cheap cordless telephone.
The Solution
In our experience the quickest and most reliable way to compare cordless phones is to zero-in on the four or five top selling products. The collective wisdom of the market is almost always infallible. We can also confidently predict that the top sellers will also be the latest cordless telephones.