The 3 Best Strategies Affiliate Marketing

I think the best thing about Facebook is not only how great it can be to keep in touch with family and friends, but how great a marketing opportunity it is. There are over 500 million Facebook users, many of whom log on to Facebook every day, multiple times a day. If you already have a group of friends on Facebook, it’s a great idea to periodically send them status updates of particular products that you are want to market. Not only will they see it, but possibly their friends, and so on. This could be a very lucrative free way to boost your affiliate marketing business. Also, Facebook offers a pay per click and pay per 1000 impression paid advertising option, where you are able to advertise to specific groups of targeted customers, for whatever daily limit you set.
Another great way to build a great affiliate marketing business is to create free blogs on authority sites. Sites like,, and These sites have thousands if not millions of links coming to their domain, it helps you because that means that your blog will have authority established. In many instances, people don’t have to buy a domain name on these sites because their authority is so strong. Many people just create whole blogs on these sites, and then direct all their links to their blog. This usually works well, and can get you instant rankings most of the time. Because of the strength of their authority, the only downside with this is that the site could delete your blog if they get crabby.
The third method of affiliate marketing affiliate products is through video marketing. Many people use sites like YouTube to just relax and watch something during their free time. But YouTube is a great way to market your website and affiliate products. You can create a short video using and submit it to YouTube and many other high video directories online. You can put your link in the video description box when you submit the video. Also, it may be a good idea to put the name of your URL as a watermark somewhere in the video for direct traffic.