Why Was I Denied a Mortgage Loan?

Home Loans - Home Loan Process to Home Buying is a Simple 10 Step ProcessIn order to secure the absolute best home loan, you should contact your local bank and discuss your intent on purchasing a new home. Get pre-approved for a Home Loan First

Choose a lender that has the Home Loan that fits

Close the loan and enjoy your home.

So many times the bank or home loan lender fails to ask your long term intent with your home purchase. If you plan on acquiring a first home, this will not be the home you spend the majority of your life.

Home loans for short term living in a particular home are much different and can provide you with much more choices in home loan options.

Home Loans and their Options

Home Loans – Home Loan Process to Home Buying is a Simple 10 Step Process

I know it’s embarrassing to be denied a mortgage loan.

  • Supplying the wrong documents or giving the wrong documents
  • Insufficient funds for closing costs or down payment
  • Not enough income or haven’t worked at your current job long enough

If you do not have the required down payment saved you may be denied the mortgage loan. If the lender sees you don’t have enough saved for these costs, you may be denied a mortgage loan.

  • worked for six months at a fast food chain;
  • quit job at fast food chain; and
  • found job as a dental hygienist.