Why the government should invest in small businesses- great American spirit

Every street corner you turn shows the marks of many small business developments.  I believe if we don’t support these businesses, then America’s streets will be like ghost town, and this can economically scarry to people that depend on them.  This is why we need small businesses to exist.  Did you know in 2005 about 587,592 jobs were outsourced to foeirgn countries?  These jobs were outsourced by big companies not small companies.  small companies are loya to Americans employees.  I think companies that keep shipping jobs over seas, and causing too many jobs should not get tax break from the government.  I know some people will say but it’s too expensive and there too many overheads for these companies in the U.S. but they forget to know that it cost lot to reestablish to in a foreign country as well.  These companies must also understand that the consumers buying power in these countries is not as strong as the American consumers. 


  Countries like India and China are reaoing the rewards of outsourcing why this country is falling apart economically.  50% of workers are hored by small businesses.  This is very important for the government to understand now, and no more waiting.  The government should provide, not just loans but grants to people small businesses that need them the mosti f banks don’t.  Big are being bailout, it’s for small businesses get a bail as well.  By the way you must understand that most of big companies today started as small businesses.  You never know what small businesses can do in the future.  It’s time that taxpayers dollars work for small businesses as well. 


  Outsourcing kills Americans jobs.  Many lose their jobs.  we can’t keep encouraging people to get degree, and can’t find a job after that.  This make no sense at all.  I believe outsourcing is one of the reasons why we’re in this mess today.  We keep bailingout big companies and they keep failing.  It’s time some real leadership.  People that manage small businesses have better management skills because they keep thriving, why the big keep failing.  we have to work with one voice and and support small businesses before it’s too late.  we have to jeep fighting for what we want.  Never give in to the recession pressure.  For those seeking opportunities and financial freedom visit my resource box at www.mlmeducationblog.com email: prince@unlimited-wealth-online.com  phone: 612-306-4920