What’s Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the buzz nowadays. It is being used in the majority of the technology discoveries. Many of us have been told about biotechnology though not every one knows what it exactly is. A layman’s rationalization of biotechnology is using the living organisms and their products to create something new.

While many think of biotechnology as a recent concept, this is not true. As a matter of fact, biotechnology has been in use ever since then. Take the example of agriculture, where in seeds ( part of a living organism ) are used to grow crops. Animal husbandry is also a form of biotechnology where in animas are reared for the production of food.

However, the real development in biotechnology came with the discovery of micro-organisms. The discovery of these organisms in turn led straight to the discovery of how they could be employed in antibiotics and immunization for assorted contagions. This was followed by the discovery of DNA and enzymes, which propelled the utilisation of biotechnology further. Today, scientists can manipulate the construction of enzymes for assorted specific purposes.

In the modern day scenario, biotech isn’t just restricted to the field of agricultural or medical sciences. The field has found its place in the economic sector too. Numerous biochemicals gleaned from plants are employed in various industries for different purposes. These chemicals aren’t just utilized in the food and chemical industry but in the cosmetic industry too. As an example, there are that many plant extracts utilized in assorted anti acne creams. Even popular products like Exposed Skin Care System utilize plant extracts to offer solution to troublesome skin.

Another massive field where you’ll see the utilization of biotechnology is the food industry. It is used to improve the standard of crop, increase the resistance of the plants towards pests and also reinforce the quality of food chemicals. This technology has a good distance to go, as scientists are attempting to discover an in built bio-indicator that would spot food contamination in packed food. The wines of best quality also use biotechnology for production.

The environmental arena is using biotechnology to restore contaminated soil, air and water too. It’s also being employed to treat industrial effluents and risks. What’s more, biotech is habitually getting used to treat brown fields for redevelopment. It is acknowledged as a safer method of pest management too.

At its current pace of development, it seems that biotechnology will shortly take over every area of life. We shall must wait and see the big selection of benefits this technology takes along for the human species.