Website Hosting

Many people who want to build a website don’t know where to start. Building a web site is simple, all you need is a web host and a site builder, A web host is the website that gets your site up and going and they usually provide you with a web site builder. Once you get the web builder and start building your web site, you can see that building a web site is pretty simple, and with a little practice, you can be building professional websites that could generate mass amounts of money, if you know how to efficiently promote your website on a continual basis. Building the website takes a little practice, promoting the website efficiently takes a little knowledge, time, effort, and patients, as long as your promoting your website, constantly learning, and you never give up, you are a better internet marketer then the next guy. If you’re not out to make a living online but you want to build a website that’s ok you still need to know the term “internet marketing” and “search engine optimization”, just because your not selling a product doesn’t mean you don’t need people to come to your website, to me that’s what internet marketing’s all about, “bringing targeted visitors to your website”.

There are many free website host out there and you can easily find them through a search engine, but I don’t recommend them, and if your trying to make a living online I highly recommend you not using free web hosting because they will stab you in the back, and eventually you will loose whatever kind of work you put into your website. There is also a ton of paid host out there, and in my opinion; most paid web hosting is extremely cheap. If your planning on only running one website you can get a good website host for as little as 3 dollars a month, if your looking build lots of websites, you can find a good web host plan, with unlimited websites, for ten dollars a month. I use hostgator web site hosting I get unlimited websites and unlimited domain names for a little less then $10 a month. Find a Good Web Hosting
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