Watch Food Network Challenge Season 12 Episode 9


Food Network Challenge is a competitive cooking television series currently on air on Food Network. Each episode, a competition for professional chefs compete in skills training program. The winner receives $ 10,000 grant, and the gold.

The episodes were filmed in front of an audience, usually in tourist attractions like the Mall of America or Disney World. Depending on the subject and scope of competition, the number of competitors from three to several hundred. Sometimes, regional competitions are conducted to determine the competence of each week. Some of these events are also celebrated as World Championships or Invitational.



The winner usually receives a check for $ 10,000 and a gold medal.

In competitions with five or more competitors, silver and bronze are also sometimes granted, but no cash prizes. In 2009, the show began its first elimination style contest called cake Last Standing. In this format, six cake designers compete for a prize of $ 50.000. Each week a contestant is eliminated.

In the show, the chefs will compete by creating a single food commercials focus on a particular topic. Chlebana joined the competition in his lab assistant and 2009, the JJC students Heather Schreiner. Sugar is the theme of fashion, which means that each competitor is to create an ensemble of fashion and accessories for four mannequins, each of which is made from sugar.

The winner earns $ 10,000. Chlebana was chosen by the producers of the Food Network after sending in an application video directed by what should be featured on the program. Food Network Challenge is a series comprised of various challenges placed on real chefs who work in the culinary world, if your specialty is baking, sugar, ice, or otherwise. Who can make the best cupcakes? The best barbecue? Who is the best bartender in the country or the world? Join the judges, and to find the answers to these questions very Food Network Challenge.

Competitions at various chefs who specialize in the task focus. Competitors will have eight hours to complete a task, usually during qualifying. For example, the contests are often the cake must meet minimum height requirement of a specific theme, and call a competitor and assistant judge may move the cake from the table without tipping over. Upon expiration of the time the host says the series with the slogan: Competitors, Stop your work.