Using Legal Forms to Save Money

Finding and retaining a lawyer is expensive. With many lawyers costing several hundred dollars per hour, it can easily cost up to a thousand dollars to do something as simple as a living will or a prenuptial agreement. Enter the advent of online and offline corporations that offer legal forms for those who have simple legal problems that can be taken care of with a simple legal form.
Legal form companies have been around for a number of years but they have proliferated online in recent years. They are based on the premise that many individuals would prefer to manage their legal affairs privately through legal forms from their home or office in an affordable way. In addition, people have time constraints that prohibit frequent visits to the lawyer’s office. The results of legal forms are nearly immediate and the costs reasonable.
Most legal forms vary from state to state so that the best sites will have the appropriate forms available no matter what state you live in. The individual fills out the correct form and within minutes, a document is created that is legal and binding, and can be filed at the local courthouse. The document is simply printed off the computer or is given to the individual by the legal form company and it is ready to go.
Creating Legal Forms
What kinds of documents can be created using legal forms? Here is a partial list of documents that can be generated by a legal form:
? Uncontested Divorce (either no- fault divorce or fault divorce)
? Credit Report and Credit History
? Incorporate and Limited
? Liability Corporation
? Legal Will
? Living Will
? Revocable Living Trust
? Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreement
? Change Name
? Criminal History
These are just a few legal forms that can be filled out in the privacy of one’s home and sent back to the online or offline company to be transformed into a legal document.
Let’s look at one example of a commonly used legal form: the prenuptial agreement. The individual simply answers a few straightforward questions that vary from state to state and the legal document is produced in minutes, ready to sign, along with instructions as to what the form means and how to file it, if necessary.
The most amazing thing about legal forms is their cost. The cost of a prenuptial agreement is around $25. A living will runs an individual about $15. Name change forms can be free or up to $9.99. This doesn’t include the cost of filing such forms at the courthouse. Brick and mortar companies tend to be costlier than the internet-based companies.
Filling out your own legal forms and filing them yourself can save you tons of money over seeing a lawyer and having him or her take all your information and draft a document for you. There is no legal rule that says a lawyer is required to fill out these forms. Anyone can file them with the courthouse. This gives you a great advantage in the legal world, paying little and reaping the benefits of the system and of corporations that give you your legal form after simply filling out a few pieces of information.