Univ of San Francisco Master Certificate Program Online

The Univ of San Francisco Master Certificate Program Online which offers instruction in internet marketing is a legitimate source of information and knowledge for a complex career field. For beginners attempting to gain knowledge and experlence into online marketing, it is absolutely essential to have training and understanding in order to navigate and utilize such areas as SEO,monetizing social media,html code,google ppc, etc.

The University of San Francisco marketing ads are showing up in a number of places, and within the sales material that’s highlighted, is this statement: “Become an Internet Marketing Expert in Just 8 Weeks, 100% Online.” This type of ad copy is far from misleading, and in fact borders on being completely insane. The internet is the biggest thing in the world. Trillions of dollars in financial transactions occur over the internet daily, nuclear missles can be fired using a computer and the internet, and 1.8 billion people have access on the internet everyday, yet a student can become an internet marketing expert in only 8 weeks? This is a ridiculous claim.

Even though the usanfran online program is legitimate, the advertising copy they display is misleading and disingenuous.

This particular ad would lead someone to believe that after 8 weeks it is possible to master the field of internet marketing, although deeper into the advertisement, is more information about three seperate 8 week courses needed in order to obtain the Master Certificate in Internet Marketing. In fact, it doesn’t end there because the institution actually offers 9 different courses on internet marketing and one could argue the point that in order to become an “expert”, it would be necessary to complete all 9 courses, each requiring an 8 week time period, and therefore a total program completion time of 72 weeks.

Yes, anyone can take and complete one course in 8 weeks, but nobody should harbor a belief that they could become an “expert” with one course or class.

Internet marketing is not brain surgery, but the internet and all it’s complex inner workings can be compared to the human brain, and taking an 8 week course in surgery would not make a student a brain surgeon. For anyone preparing to earn money in internet marketing, get started today, but don’t expect to become an “expert”  8 weeks from now. This article and this author hopes to educate and help individuals entering the online marketing field, however, as you become excited over the incredible future of this industry, enter your training with reasonable expectations and a healthy dose of reality.