Two Types of Communication

Communication is not just a vital skill, it is a necessity. Communication is one of the most fundamental assets we have as human beings. Some studies have shown that the need for it comes inherently in every human being and that these skills are actually nurtured by a persons environment. When you hear the word “communication” you naturally think about words.

A lot of people actually think that the word refers exclusively to the use of language. They then split that use of language down into two different areas of oral and written communication I want to try to show you that there is so much more to these skills than words, whether they be oral or written.

1) Verbal – Verbal skills encompass all forms of word usage. This means that both oral and written words come under this first category. People use this type of skill actively everyday, although it can be argued that some people do not use it as much as others. In using verbal communication skills, people tend to be more accurate in sending their messages. This is the reason why the verbal skill is used as the media of education. Through the use of verbal skills, people can acquire knowledge the way others meant it.

2) Non-verbal – This type of skill makes use of symbols other than words to convey meaning. Generally, this type depends upon the interpretation of the person receiving the message. This of course means that the message is open to interpretation and therefore can be received both accurately or not, because it all depending on the perception of the receiver.

Despite there being many ways to make use of non-verbal communication skills quite often we barely notice them. We make use of them through our expressions. For example, Whenever we laugh or cry, we are in fact making use of our non-verbal skills. Some other ways we utilise them subconsciously. A twitch of an eyebrow perhaps, the rhythmic tapping of a foot, or a pen on a desk and many other little things we don’t really consciously control. They all send messages, all send signals and communicate to other people.

Included in this type are the other ways through which we express ourselves. The way we dress ourselves is another way we try to send messages. People can interpret what an artist wants to say through a painting. Our ability to send messages through these methods often determines our status among society. So go ahead and develop your communication skills and express yourself. I hope this short article has given you a little insight into the many types and diversity of communication we possess as humans.