Top 10 Gadget Gifts For Men In 2011

Looking for gadget gifts for men? Are you sick and tired of scouring malls and still not finding the best gifts for men? Do you pine for quality gifts for men that will be well received?

All men have an affinity for gadgets. Put into perspective, the word “gadget” is defined in a number of ways, some of which are as amusing as the contraptions themselves. One online dictionary suggests that gadgets are a small mechanical device or appliance that is useful for a particular purpose ( While a few more concur with this definition, they insist that these motorized appliances can be of any sort are ones that are often complicated. Amen to that! It is also of use to note that gadgets are also described as ‘any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use.” Ouch! Not one guy who loves his thingamabobs will agree with this. Gadgets do have their uses, period!

Coming back to understanding what the fuss is all about, the online Wikipedia states that, “a gadget is a small technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention.” (Online Wiki) With all this background in mind, we define gadgets as cool must have gizmos and contraptions for men. Understandably the technological wheel is spinning out of control with the latest gadgets flooding the market before one has mastered the current device, that’s the more reason to keep abreast and ahead of the pack by finding the perfect state of the art gift for him to commemorate his special day, anniversaries and other occasions.

While it has been hinted the novelty can wear off, following the steps below will ensure you get surefire gadget gifts for men. As women we tend to believe that we know what men really want. However, the majority of times we’d be surprised to find out what men would actually love to get. Try one of these gifts for men for Valentine’s Day, the next holiday, anniversary or birthday and you’ll be presently surprised.

The more innovative the product the better

Guys regardless of age love the excitement of receiving the new and latest toys on the market. Men are keen on everything technical from high quality a speaker dock for his iPod to fogless shower mirrors, power tools and everything in between.


1. Navigation (GPS) Gadget gifts for Men

GPS or Global Positioning Systems are satellite based digital mapping devices that direct users from one point to the other. Guys have a tendency to shy away from asking for help especially directions when clearly lost, the GPS should make a perfect gift idea for men.

2. Watches for men

Every guy needs a watch preferably one that has extra components, features and trimmings. Sub dials for different zones for the keen traveler or wannabe traveler are a sure hit.

3. Remote Control Toy Gifts for Men

Looking for outdoor fun or indoor entertainment like no other? Try sharper image’s Fiery Dragon RC Helicopter that has all the moves. Be it a remote controlled car, helicopter, off road vehicle, men love the thrill of getting one and racing the new found toy especially when there are two.

4. Power Tool Gift Ideas for Men

Whether he is indeed handy or just thinks he is, tickle his fancy by going all out and getting him a few hand held pieces from trusted brands. If he is keen on tools you’d best keep an ear out for his brand. Better yet, rummaging through his man cave can solve that puzzle. Stick to his favorite brand and avoid the expensive larger tools. Leave that to him should he have an elaborate project or area to tackle.

5. Sports Gifts for Men

While we tend to go for equipment for the sporting or athletic men, it is advisable to get high-end accessories for his favorite team or pastime. Depending on how advanced he is in his area of choice, or his level of expertise he might prefer to choose actual equipment for himself. Premium seats tickets for sports from basketball to NFL and other codes in between are also a great gift idea for the sports fan, as he gets up close and personal for all hard-hitting action!

6. Wireless Noise Cancellation Head phones/ Sony Wireless TV Headphones

These are the latest answer to the frustration caused by interference in a busy office or when surrounded by rowdy kids. Lightweight Bluetooth headsets allow him to carry on a phone conversation with the microphone designed to pick up his voice not the background. Further more, dual speaker headphones will ensure he doesn’t miss a word. The Sony Wireless TV Headphones will let him turn the TV on as loud as he likes without interfering with your quite time. The Infrared technology works just like your remote beaming the sound directly to his headphones. A must have for travel enthusiasts to drone the incessant aircraft noise.

7. Wireless PC to TV

Looking to stream content from his laptop or computer to the TV? Look no further as the latest technology allows high quality transmission of images and sound wirelessly in the same room for up to a range of 20 feet. Try this perfect gadget gift for him!

8. RIM Blackberry 7750

Continuing in the spirit of all things wireless for our gadget gurus, this wireless e-mail, voice and data communications gizmo is ideal for the tech-savvy executive. It allows him to organize and keep track of meetings and virtually everything.

9. iPod Tower Stereo System

Why not give him this unique tower stereo raved in online stores as the ‘a room full of performance in a single speaker system [that] takes his iPod music to new heights. Simplifying his listening experience has never been better with huge sound in a small footprint!” Sharper Image.

10. Cassette Tape Converter

Pining for a device that will turn the mountains of tapes he has hoarded over the years? The cassette tape converter will turn his old tapes into MP3s so he can listen to these on his latest iPod, PC or in his car to work. Make his dream a reality by recovering his lost love.