Three Fun Places in the Philippines and Packing Tips

The Philippines is a wondrous, magical place. With over 7,000 islands, you could spend a lifetime there and never begin to see it all. With that in mind, here are three places to visit when you embark on your Philippines adventure.
Metropolitan Manila
The Philippines capital, Manila, is a center of all things in the country. Many call it a city by the bay. Sure, it’s humid and congested, but you can find whatever you seek here. It’s a shopper’s paradise.
And if you want to get close to a loved one, spend some time soaking up the sunset at Manila Bay.
Corregidor Island
It’s a tadpole-shaped island where heavy fighting took place during WWII. If you love history, take some time to visit this jewel of a place. It’s where Gen. MacArthur said, “I shall return.”
You can still see the remains of the war-battle barracks and canyons used to fight.
Rizal Park
If you find yourself in Metro Manila, take a journey to it’s heart. There you’ll find beautiful Rizal Park, which is 148 acres. It’s named after Dr. Jose Rizal, who was a national hero in the Philippines.
Everyone, from families to lovers, enjoy the park. I’d recommend taking a ride on the calesa, which a horse-drawn carrage made of wood. This park has playgrounds, fountains, concert area and gardens. It’s worth checking out.
No matter where you go in the Philippines, beauty and fun are at your fingertips. These three places are just a small sampling of what makes the Philippines such a great place to visit.
Packing Tips
If you’ve traveled at all, you know that packing for a trip can be time consumer and perhaps a worrisome ordeal. If you’re traveling a far distance, to some exotic land, the pressure really cranks up.
But, fear not. Today, I’ll give you a list of items you should think about packing for your next excursion to the Philippines. The last thing anyone wants is to being a vacation on a bad note. One pre-visit tip is to check the climate for the area(s) you’ll be visiting. The Philippines is a tropical paradise, but the climate changes from region to region.
Here’s a quick list of some good items to bring on your Philippines vacation:
1. Lightweight cotton shirts (to be comfortable).
2. Tank tops (again, comfort is key).
3. Shorts & jeans (mixture for climate and activity changes).
4. Camera with extra memory cards (capture everything).
5. Power adapter
6. Insect repellant (especially if you require a specific type/brand).
7. Sunglasses
8. Tagalog phrase book or cheat sheet.
I’d also recommend brining an extra suitcase, so you have plenty of room for souvenirs. You’ll definitely want to bring stuff home with you. In the Philippines, they call gift items “pasalubongs.”
While most Filipinos speak English (less in the more remote parts), knowing just a handful of key phrases in Tagalog (their language) will help you blend in more (they’ll appreciate it) and you’ll be able to navigate better. There’s no need to learn the whole language, but bring at least a sheet with 15-20 phrases/words on it.