Colocated Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated vs Colocated

If you opt for a dedicated hosting server plan you will find that it is relatively expensive. However, there is a more expensive type of server hosting called the colocated hosting. This type of hosting is typically chosen by those more experienced in server administration.

Colocated hosting is also known as co-located hosting and refers to a web hosting service where the user’s server is co-located at a data center. It means a company will purchase their own server and operate it remotely at the hosting company’s datacenter.

The benefits colocated hosting offers is flexibility to manage and secure the server offsite. The hosting company usually offers service and support for the server as well.  The support typically includes security, controlled air temperature, high redundancy, managed server solutions, and power back-ups.

Companies desiring to spend less might consider dedicated hosting.  Websites that need large volumes of data should benefit from dedicated hosting because it offers better speed and enhanced security.  Hosting company support for dedicated hosting includes total services at the datacenter such as maintenance, security, data backup, and sometimes customized service. Dedicated hosting server still allows companies to have their own a server. Most companies choose to lease the dedicated server instead of buying it.

Business with particular requirements benefit from dedicated hosting servers because dedicated hosting servers allows hardware and software settings to be modified. Dedicated hosting companies also provide businesses with the capability to monitor their website, increases uptime and gives maximum optimization to the sites contents.  A limitation to dedicated hosting is that some hosting companies will not host certain websites, such as pornography, because it may impact the integrity of the host’s network. While your company will have the flexibility to manage the data via file transfer protocol (FTP) and other remote management tools the hosting company owns and controls the web server.

In conclusion, colocated hosting is a solution for companies with limited space. The colocated hosting comes with external service and can be very expensive.  Dedicated hosting servers are less expensive than colocated hosting servers. Dedicated hosting servers allow hardware and software modification for a customized hosting solution. They boast high uptime but are controlled by the hosting company.  Having the proper hosting solution is instrumental to online business success. The important thing is to decide on the solution that meets your company’s needs and budget.