The luxurious fashion store Giglio Boutique presents the designer Guido Giuttari?s exhibition ?Art meets materials?

From the 8 to 30 of May Giglio Boutique will exhibit the work of the Sicilian designer and photographer Guido Giuttari.

This creative collaboration takes place to give the possibility to admire the grace of fashion and the dizzy depth of art mixed together! To enjoy  the strength and beauty of two similar but still different elements mixed together in one space! The Giglio group has always been encouraging about these collaborations, and to offer their  luxurious and avant-garde spaces for such events!

In fact the emotion is twice as strong, imagine walking trough the luminous Giglio boutiques with only the most prestigious labels around you mixed with colourful designed art objects. To see the refinement of Moschino, Versace, Emilio Pucci and more, among fresh designed objects. The combination undoubtedly creates an unforgettable milieu to breath in slowly and carefully.

The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Giglio Boutique on Piazza Crispi (Palermo) on Friday the 8 of May starting at 6 PM with an opening cocktail with the artist.

Driven by his passion for art Guido Giuttari moved to New York to continue his art development. New York got him to know some of the most notable artists who pushed him to discover the photography.

About the turn of the century the photographer initiate his path as an interior designer, he creates decorative panels with motifs and colours from the nature, and a lot of other beautiful and colourful objects for the interior design. He finally finds a method to fuse the photography with the interior design! As well as in New York he also exhibited his work in London at the luxurious Harrods.

From the 8:th of May and two weeks ahead it’s possible to find numerous designed objects from the multitalented artist in the Giglio boutique. A piece of contemporary art will be exposed for the public to enjoy!