The Key to a Successful Private Placement Program – Place funds into a bank where a trader has a strong relationship

To introduce our group, we work with principals and other official representatives to help our clients engage in a private placement program / transaction.

To ensure that we have a successful transaction, we must first of all understand some of the things that can go wrong in a private transaction of this nature.  I will share some thoughts with you in this document in a hope that you and your investors can understand the reasoning and benefits in moving of funds to the transacting bank into a sole signatory account in the name of the client.

From our experience, and from those of successful individuals that we work with, more then 50% of transactions fall apart and fail after contract stage when the clients bank refuse to issue / confirm the blocking of funds to trigger the commencement of the transaction. This leaves a nasty feeling in the eyes of the investor and the people around him, all of whom are wondering if the transaction was real or a scam.

Often people talk about doing a bank to bank block or administrative hold at the clients bank to start a transaction. This is plausible, but I ask the question, for a first time investor, what response do you think that the client is going to get when he tells his bank officer that he needs his funds blocked for a PPP?

The final step was for the client to request from his bank, some from of ‘blocked funds’ confirmation. This could be one of several types that had been mutually agreed between the client, trade group and their ‘line of credit’ providers. We sometimes tend to forget that the client’s local bank does not understand the nature of this transaction and probably told him that the whole thing was impossible. By this time the client has probably seen several pages of information of the internet also saying that the whole business is illegal and untrue and meant that the client walks away from the transaction and his introducer.

One must make an effort to understand that the people constantly writing long messages on forums about PPP on the internet are people that have always and only worked through long broker chains promising extraordinary returns to their clients without moving funds and have never really met anyone that has ever completed a successful transaction.

We work with licensed trade groups that have absolutely no time to make websites or defend this market against these comments as they are more interested in helping individuals achieve their ‘project funding’ requirements.

To summarise, the client, the funds and the trade group might have all been verified, but the deal fell apart. We need to understand what went wrong. The answer is that they were working in an environment that was not conductive to a successful transaction with bank officials who do not understand the transaction. This will never work. Under these conditions, we will never engage in a transaction due to the obstacles / hindrances that we foresee.

From our experience, ‘movement of funds’ avoids all these problems. If the client understands / feels comfortable / is able to move funds into his own account at a top designated bank after directly meeting with backers and the asset manager then we have a successful transaction. This is a simple system which helps the client avoid any potential problems that he may experience at his home bank. In certain situations, or smaller amounts, the client may be invited to enter via moving funds directly to an account with the trade group to facilitate a successful transaction and avoid any delays.

We should also note, smaller transactions place most of the responsibility on the side of the client. Licensed Asset Managers of this scale do not want the difficulty trying to help the client build a stronger relationship with his home bank. they would much rather bring the client and his funds into an environment conducive for this type of transaction. For this to happen, the client must show a strong commitment that he is serious to work with an asset manager of this type / nature and that he is ready, willing and able to do what it takes to start a successful transaction. Moving funds to the trade bank and attending a meeting with the trader are two very important steps for the client to ensure and demonstrate that he is able to enter a transaction.


Places the funds into a bank where the trader has a strong relationship Avoids any problems associated with blocking of funds Brings the clients and his funds into an environment where the bank officers understand the nature of the transaction and will support the client. Shows the trader that the client is really committed to working with the trade group.

Finally, clients must realise that this business really is ‘invitation only’ and if the investor ever gets a real opportunity / invitation to work with a party that has closed transactions, they should try their utmost to learn and understand what these groups do, with the hope that they allow the client to enter into a private placement transaction with their group.

Honesty, transparency and professionalism are of utmost importance throughout the transaction.

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