The Internet Using Social Media

Aspiring business owners have a wealth of information and tools available to help them grow a business on the Internet. It is now more accessible to market your business on the Internet using social media and other online Web sites. Below are some strategies to help you build relationships with your online contacts using your thoughts, emotions and actions.
Social media is a great free marketing tool to build your visibility online. Using Web 2.0 sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (some of the most popular sites in the social media genre) helps you with target marketing by joining groups on the sites to connect with people that share your interests or that could benefit from your products or services. Once you connect with someone on these sites by joining their network, becoming their friend or following them on Twitter, take action to open a dialogue. People respond in various ways so it is beneficial to have more than one way to engage in a conversation. For example, after you make an online connection, follow up with a personal email with a brief introduction and a call to action to talk on the phone or to invite them to one of your free events like a teleseminar. Another invitation to dialogue could be a personal letter to the contact with an overview of your business and a call to action inviting them to join your eZine.
Another useful way to increase your visibility online is using article directories. Submitting articles to sites like eZine articles and posting on forums are great ways to let people know about your work and how to find you by including your Web site in your signature. Your articles will link more people to your website where they can learn about your work, where to attend one of your events or how to connect with you on the social media sites to start building a networking or business relationship. These actions open the way for a conversation which is an opportunity to expand your network and your business.