Technology Meets Marketing Reports

Until a few years ago any marketing presentation or a report had to be read or viewed in print medium. But now with visual media, we have videos that can engage the viewer’s attention and convey information and messages very well keeping the viewer’s engaged. If you are wondering why everyone loves watching videos, it is because both our eyes and ears are engaged and it makes more sense to watch and listen to what is being said. But marketers watch out, if your marketing video is of 30 minutes or more, then we doubt if anyone would be interested in watching it completely.
Now days all types of trainings are imparted through videos and most often trainings imparted through videos are comprehended better than other modes.
Whether the video is short or long one can decide only at the end of watching the entire video if it was worth it. But then generally videos which run more than 3 to 5 minutes tend to bore the viewers and will not be able to hold their attention for long. The viewer’s maximum attention span would be around 5 minutes or a little longer.
Keeping in mind the necessity to engage the viewers and make it more interesting many presenters also hand out the print outs of PDF version or PPT version of the video that is being shown. Viewers are now able to make their notes and refer to the paper print out while watching the video and will be better informed as well as involved in the presentation.
Many times viewers are not able to view the videos that you send them for sometimes they may not be able to download the file for it is too big and takes too long or some technical problem in their system might make it impossible for them to download. This defeats the purpose totally.
It makes sense to give a print out of the video to the viewer while waiting for him to download and see the video. With the print out the viewer is likely to go through immediately and be interested in seeing the video for he knows what to expect and has questions already forming in his mind which the video can answer for him.
You have two options on hosting your videos. One is to list your video in the video directory sites. The other option is to have SEO in text for the search engines including Google still judges content according to text and place them accordingly in the SRPs.
Many people list their videotext files into other directories too and ensure that the text shows up first followed by the video. It makes sense to combine text and use it in combination with your video.