Technology Continues to Grow Whether You Notice It or Not

No one alive today would have a hard time seeing the amazing growth of technology. Our modern society revolves around our technological achievements. The way we communicate, the way we do our daily tasks, and the way we get our information. The growth of technology has changed so many aspects of our lives and ingrained itself in how we do things that many people even forget that technology even played a part on how they live.

It can be argued that our generation is the most well informed and the most technologically advanced to date, well at least until the growth of technology surpasses our current knowledge and adds to our ever growing understanding of the world around us. Humanity has always developed around the growth of technology, from the very first time that cavemen discovered the use of fire, to the present where information can span continents almost instantaneously. Our innate desire to surpass the limits of human understanding and capability, our need to better ourselves and our goal to find solutions to the problems that we face today, further drives the growth of technology to such heights that even the most ambitious of our forefathers would have scarcely thought it possible. Humanity has always been a race of dreamers, and the growth of technology has made many a dream into a reality.

The speed in which new scientific and technological discoveries are made has caused many people to be cautious about relegating science fiction into the realm of fantasy. With the surprising pace that the growth of technology seems to have, it is not hard to see why the lines between science fiction and science fact can often become quite blurry. It’s only been a little over a hundred years since men achieved powered flight, A little over forty years since men landed on the moon, and one of the pinnacles of communication, the internet, was only commercially available in the mid 80?s. Fantastic stories of a century ago are now mundane occurrences for the people of today.

With the current trend of the scientific community of continuing development, it is safe to say that the growth of technology shall remain steady. Necessity has always been touted as the mother of invention, and as we discover new things about ourselves and our surroundings, the more we realize that we face wide reaching problems that affect our race as a whole. The growth of technology should always stay in pace with the challenges that come our way in order for our society to survive.

The growth of technology may have escaped the notice of a great number of the population, but it cannot be denied that it is what powers our society, both for good or for ill. We all live in an age where information is readily available and many of our mundane tasks have been simplified for our convenience. Technology continues to grow regardless of whether or not you notice it, our daily lives revolve around it, and it plays an important part on how we live, work and play. We may sometimes forget that it’s there, but for our race to continue to survive, it should constantly adapt to the challenges that we may face.