STOP the SPAM When Using a Facebook Fan Page

Have you noticed you are getting less emails today than you were a year ago? This is because business owners have begun using social networking to promote their business. However, they are forgetting that Social networking is about being social or they were never taught the correct way to use social networking for growing and promoting their business.

One of the many tools I teach business owners to use correctly to promote their business for free is social networking. Facebook allows you to have a personal page, group and a fan page. Many business owners use the personal page for personal use and the fan page to promote their business by SPAMMING their fans. This is a very big NO NO. Facebook will shut you down for spamming as will other social networking sites.

I even see people SPAMMING offering to teach social media or do it for your business.

So, let’s review the basics so that you can begin to grow your business by using your Facebook Fan Page correctly.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is the repeated unwanted message that promotes a product or an event. If all you are doing with your fan page is sending promotional announcements that is SPAM. If all you is posting status updates with links to your website that is SPAM.

What is Social Networking?

Social networking is about being social. You must take time to engage in real conversation with your followers. Social networking sites are also not the place to post negative comments or engage in rude behavior. Think of it as one big expo or cocktail party where you do not know many of the people. You want to be on your best behavior. As I always says “If you can’t type something nice don’t type anything at all”.

How to use your fan page to promote your business without SPAMMING your fans:

1. Engage in real conversation.

2. Share tips related to your industry or business that will provide value to your fans.

3. Post photos of business events or activities.

4. Share web links that will provide value to your fans.

5. Answer frequently asked questions.

6. Conduct a poll or survey.

7. Ask questions to find out what your customers are thinking or what they want from your business.

8. Conduct a contest. But be sure you are following the new rules for conducting a contest on Facebook.

9. Share YouTube videos related to your industry or YouTube testimonials from your customers or clients.

10. Use it to promote your upcoming events only after completing at least three non promotional posts.

Remember, social networking is about being social. You will increase your fan page followers by compound friending. Just as word of mouth referrals can help your business or hurt your business in the online world compound friending can help your business grow. SPAM will hurt your business. You run the risk of not only losing fans but losing the opportunity to grow your business and promote your business using the free of the internet.