Setting Up Wireless Network

Connecting to the internet is easy, yet for some people they find it hard to configure networking device such as router in able for them to have wireless connection in their place. Today, a lot of people are now considering WiFi connection in their place, especially that most of the computers that most people want to have are those personal computer such as laptops and notebooks.

Making your place WiFi ready is too easy; as long as you have the right device then you are ready to share your internet connection in your area. Basically, you need modem that is usually being provided by your ISP, from the modem you need a router that has a wireless feature in able for you to have wireless connection in your place.

From the modem, you need a UTP cable that is connected from the Ethernet port of your modem to the wan Ethernet port of your router.

But before you finally connect your laptop wirelessly, you have to configure the settings of your router to enable wireless connection.

At first you need a cable connecting your laptop and your router, and to setup wireless connection you have to load the GUI or Graphic User Interface of your router by entering the default IP address of the router. From there you will the options on how to enable wireless connection by choosing wireless setup. You may need to input SSID or wireless network ID of your router, which will be use as the identification of your network.

For the security of your network, you have to enable wireless security and enter WEP key that works as a password of your network, in this way no one will be able to connect into your network unless they know the password of your wireless connection.