Scientific Approach

Unexplainable event happens to all of us at one point or the other.  Are they merely coincidences? Or they have something for us to say? They can even be evidence of human sense which is beyond the five senses i.e., the sixth sense. That is a point yet to understand. Now, extrasensory perception basically deals with the psychic abilities of a human being to recognize things which are beyond the scientifically accepted principles. It deals with:

 RETROCOGNITION IN PERSON: This is the capability to see impressions of events occurred in the past. It consists of having knowledge of things that have already happened. It is a part of extra sensory perception.

 CLAIRVOYANCE ABILITY: It is the power to see objects and events which are not perceived by the senses.

It is usually related to the mind power, as it requires a lot of concentration and focus on the subject. It is the most recognized type of extra sensory perception

 WHAT IS TELEPATHY: it is a conversation between two minds. It is the natural capability of human beings to send and receive messages through mind power. It has been widely popular and variously discussed amongst the researchers and enthusiasts.

 PSYCHOMETRY AND ITS USES: in psychometric, it is mind power to determine the past of an item, event or a person by simply touching it with bare hands.

It’s when you touch a ring; you get impressions of the ring and their users.

 PRECOGNITION IN A PERSON: It is the pre recognition of events. It is a capability to have impressions of future. The event could any happening, incident or an accident coming from the future. This type of extrasensory perception is seen through dreams.

Extrasensory perception is simply adapting information from various sources without engaging any human recognized senses.The effort to establish extrasensory perception to be believed by the science, hasbeen a long and a constant fight for results, which are still and always, will be uncertain. Extrasensory perception is a consciousness of world that arises via some mechanism rather than ouridentified senses, such as, detecting when a friend living away is in trouble,mind reading,forecasting the forthcoming and other sensations generally associated with the intuitive people or illusionary minds rather than science.

What does science has to say about EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION?

Though extrasensory perception is not something that scientists would be excited to examine, but, however, the results of extrasensory perception are in the jurisdiction of science. Thus, the gears of the science can be used to examine these phenomena. By such methods, scientists have explored if extrasensory perception exists or not. They explore all kinds of phenomena and experiment on the same. However, it has been observed that those experiments weren’t completed accurately, and no part of mind reading or quantum healing could be evident.

Thus, extrasensory perception is neither in the practice of science nor in the theory of world, but it can surely be studied scientifically or unscientifically. Those who insist that extrasensory perception is real, then the only thing that keeps them to believe in such theories are – Scientific Evidence.