Resolve Your Family issues with Robertson Medlin & Blocker, PLLC

If you reside in North Carolina & want to get a divorce from your partner, custody of your child, equal distribution of assets or want to resolve any family litigation; seek legal help from North Carolina lawyers based out of our firm. We can help you in resolving any kind of family law matters in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Generally, all legal matters that are dragged to the courtroom become messy. They involve a lot of dirty tactics, paying huge legal fees and delays in settlements. If you wish to resolve your family disputes in an amicable manner, you should hire a North Carolina Family Lawyer. An able attorney will ensure to protect your personal rights and resolve the issue in less amount of time.

In your search for reputed North Carolina Lawyers, choose Robertson, Medlin & Blocker, PLLC. We have a strong team of legal advocates who are committed to affordable & effective solutions. They have the experience and problem-solving skills necessary to protect businesses and individuals in a range of legal issues such as business transactions, litigation, employment law, divorce and family law, personal injury and wrongful death.

Robertson Medlin & Blocker as a firm, believes in collaborative law to resolve all kinds of legal issues. Collaborative law is an agreement not to litigate. This means, creating a cooperative atmosphere conducive to peaceful settlements.

While traditional divorce bargaining is position-based, with each side playing dirty tactics to gain the upper hand, collaborative divorce is interest-based. The focus is on what works best for both parties, enabling the North Carolina Divorce Lawyers to negotiate creative arrangements for division of property, parenting time and child-related expenses.

While litigation often drags out for well over a year, collaborative divorce usually takes just a few months. The whole case is resolved in three or four sessions for a typical couple with mid-level assets and children. Taking help from professional lawyers ensures that the wishes and concerns of both the parties are effectively addressed.

In addition to divorce, Robertson, Medlin & Blocker PLLC, handles all issues of North Carolina family law like, paternity, adoption or name changes, modifications of custody, visitation or support and child support enforcement.