Recover Files After Format Quick Easy

Do you need to recover files after format of your c drive, external drive, or some other piece of hardware?  If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a solution to that problem right now.  The good news is:  Your files are more than likely safe and waiting to be retrieved.  The most important thing you can do to ensure the safety of your documents at risk is to stop working on the hardware or drive in question and download iCare Data Recovery Software.


If you have accidentally formatted your c drive, you will need to create a partition on which to download iCare Data Recovery Software.  You will want to take this vital step for 2 reasons.  The first reason is to prevent any important data on your c drive from becoming over written.  The second reason is because you will need iCare to work on your c drive, so the download itself should be partitioned off.  If you have questions about how to complete these first steps, you can refer to the tutorial guide provided by iCare or you can submit a support request. 


Downloading iCare Data Recovery Software to help with other tasks may prove to be a bit more simple, as it is not necessary to create a partition before downloading.

What other file restoration tasks are available from iCare?


BKF Files Format Recovery


If you have experienced data loss or file corruption and need to perform a BKF files format recovery, iCare can make that happen.  Simply download the software, select Format Recovery, select the drive where the corrupt files are stored and submit the command.  Seconds will pass before you are presented with a list of files that iCare is able to restore.


Formatted BMP Files Recovery


Nobody wants to lose precious photographs.  Whether they are uploaded to serve as a logo for your home business or you have your computer full of whimsical family memories, you need your pictures to stay where they are, safe and secure.  Aside from formatted BMP files recovery, iCare is also able to help retrieve other picture file types such as JPEG, GIF, PSD, and more.


Flash Files Formatted Recovery


Flash files are becoming more widely used as flash drives are becoming more popular among personal and professional consumers.  If you need to conduct flash files formatted recovery, iCare Data Recovery Software can help you accomplish this task with great ease.


Although there are more data file recovery options available with iCare Data Recovery Software, it is impossible to list them all.  For a complete overview of the protection you are able to receive from iCare, visit