Protect Your Bubble Shares List of Dog Breeds Prone to Medical Issues. Specialty Insurance Brand Highlights Potential Canine Health Problems

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 06, 2012

Summer is a great time to bring home an adorable puppy. But it can often be a time consuming process for consumers to research and choose the best breed that will fit into their lifestyle. To aid consumers in this research, specialty insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble (, has put together a list of the dog breeds that are the most prone to medical issues:

1. Bulldogs congenital heart disease, heart attack, collapsed nostrils, heatstroke, respiratory difficulties, eyelid abnormalities, skin conditions

2. German Shepherds hip dysplasia, bloat, gastric disorders, penosteitis, spinal paralysis, eye disease, and skin conditions

3. Great Danes hip dysplasia, bloat, bone cancer, heart disease, tumors

4. Golden Retriever hip dysplasia, PRA, VWD, serious heart problems, cataracts, skin conditions, eye abnormalities, epilepsy.

5. Bull Terrier deafness, eye disease

6. Pinscher demodectic mange, epilepsy, patellar luxation, Leggs Perthes Disease

7. Poodle PRA, cataracts, glaucoma, eye and ear infections, digestive problems, skin conditions, heart disease, and epilepsy

8. Schnauzer cataracts, corneal disorders, kidney stones, bleeding disorders, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions, cysts

9. Pug eye lacerations, eyeball prolapse, eyelid abnormalities, respiratory difficulties, heatstroke, collapsed nostrils, and heart problems

Dogs, both on and off this list, can have costly accidents, illnesses or injuries as well. The best thing consumers can do when looking to adopt a pet is plenty of research on the breed theyre looking for and to consider pet insurance.

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