Profile: Hudson City Bank

Bank Owned- REO- Foreclosure- Pre-Foreclosure- Short Sale- Sheriff's Sale - Explained

  • Bank Owned
      The bank is the seller.
  • Can be read simply as “bank owned”
  • Corporate Owned
    • Many times this is just another way to say “bank owned”
  • Foreclosure
  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • Short Sale
  • Sherriff’s Sale
  • Redemption Period


Bank Owned- REO- Foreclosure- Pre-Foreclosure- Short Sale- Sheriff’s Sale – Explained

Hudson City Bank offers a variety of services including checking, savings and retirement accounts. CDs, mortgage programs and consumer and business loans are available as well.;Checking, Savings and Retirement Accounts Hudson City Bank has programs available for retirees, who may roll their IRA account over or transfer it to the bank. The club accounts include vacation and holiday clubs and all savings accounts are FDIC insured.;Checking accounts available at Hudson City Bank include free checking, high value, money market, better interest banking and Super NOW accounts. FDIC Insured.