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Digit magazine and digit website is one of the largest communities of technology enthusiasts in India. They manage to serve this community of geeks and users alike via their timeless and attractive magazine, that has been given the title of the most read magazine in the segment IRS 2009 R2, and also a brilliant website, which delivers its viewers with the latest technology news, Technology videos which are updated daily and also features a very active discussion forum.

When placed among the English magazines that are available in India, Digit magazine has been ranked among the top 20 in terms of overall readership, and it was also the 8th fastest when we talk of the yearly growth when it was measured in the year 2009, and it also managed to acquire the 4th largest absolute increase of readers in the year 2009.

To engage this community of viewers and readers, they also host on ground and online events which include reader meet ups, and webinars across the nation.

They also feature a lot of online tech video reviews where they post the results of various hardware that are tested and also keep the users updated with tech video podcasts as well.

Another great Magazine which is basically targeted towards the gamers and hardcore tech enthusiast is called Skoar which brings news, previews, and in depth reviews on PC and console games to the Indian gamers, a few of which play games professionally and for others it is just a hobby. This website also supports a bimonthly magazine that provides the readers with daily updates, and weekly newsletters and also has a forum where the users can share opinions. They also organize various gaming meet ups, including LAN events and various gaming competitions around India.

To view various Technology Videos and to be updated with tech video podcasts and to know what new products are being launched, do not miss the tech video reviews in the videos section of

For more technology news that includes Technology news in India, digit is the best source so feel free to pick up a digit magazine or visit www.thinkdigit,com.