NiceHash to Host First Bitcoin Conference in Maribor in Celebration of its 10th Anniversary

Cryptocurrency’s journey over the past decade has been marked by innovation and growth, but only a select few companies have been at the forefront of this evolution.

Among these pioneers stands NiceHash, a trailblazer in the Bitcoin mining industry and the world’s leading Hashpower marketplace. As NiceHash commemorates its tenth anniversary today April 8, the startup also announced it is hosting its first-ever Bitcoin conference.

Scheduled for November 8-9, the Bitcoin-centric NiceHashX conference will be held in Maribor, Slovenia, the birthplace and current headquarters of NiceHash. This landmark event will showcase the company’s remarkable journey over the past ten years, highlighting its significant achievements in an industry rife with challenges.

With a focus on sustainable growth, innovation, and resilience, NiceHash has emerged as one of the few platforms in the crypto sphere to reach such a meaningful milestone. The conference will feature renowned speakers and companies, shedding light on the local businesses utilizing BTC in their daily operations. Additionally, it aims to position Maribor as a hidden gem in the European crypto market.

CEO Vladimir Hozjan expressed excitement about the upcoming event, stating, “We are thrilled to celebrate our 10th anniversary by hosting this Bitcoin-centered conference in our hometown of Maribor. This two-day event will pay homage to our journey, the hurdles we’ve overcome, and our contributions to the industry. We look forward to bringing together local and international experts to delve into the future of ‘digital gold’.”

Founded by Slovenian university students in 2014, NiceHash has revolutionized the Bitcoin mining industry, establishing itself as the world’s largest hashpower marketplace with over 1.2 million daily miners. Remarkably, the company achieved this milestone without external investment, relying solely on the dedication and ingenuity of its team.

Over the past decade, NiceHash has played a pivotal role in fostering Bitcoin adoption, directly impacting 6.5 million individuals worldwide. Offering a comprehensive ecosystem of mining and BTC payment services, the company recently introduced the world’s first fully automated Lightning Network payouts for miners, marking a significant advancement in crypto payment technologies.

With its commitment to innovation and growth, NiceHash continues to lead the cryptocurrency mining industry. Established in Slovenia in 2014, the company has been instrumental in driving Bitcoin adoption globally, offering cutting-edge solutions to miners and paving the way for the future of digital currencies.