New Debt Consolidation Loan To Consolidate Your Bills

When you think of consolidation you probably think of refinancing your mortgage by calling Ditech and tapping into your home equity to pay off your unsecured credit card debt. Shortly you’ll find out why this is not such a good idea that the commercials make it seem to be. Find out how you can consolidate your bills without getting a new loan.
Whenever you borrow money there was always the possibility of falling behind on your payments due to any number of unforeseen circumstances. You can have an unexpected medical emergency. You can have a sudden drop in income or worse a job loss. Or you could have a combination of both. Whatever the reasons you should not attempt to take out the new loan to pay off old loans. This is why you do not need a new loan.
You can still use debt consolidation services through companies that do not lend money. They offer debt management plans where they will talk with all your creditors and get them to agree to a reduced payment amounts and lowered interest rate. Then you will just make one payment to them and they will disperse it to all your creditors. And everyone will be happy.
Obviously this is a very simplified example but the basic process is there. And nowhere in this process do you have to borrow more money to consolidate your credit card bills. Doing it this way allows you to learn from your previous mistakes of taking on too much credit.
So if you think you need to get a new debt consolidation loan to consolidate your bills think again. You can get all the benefits of consolidating without borrowing any more money.