New Book Reveals How President Taft Lost 76 Pounds Of Body Fat, Includes Doctor’s Diet Program Instructions, Taft’s Daily Weight-Loss Records, Photographs And Interviews

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

The Taft Diet: How President Taft Lost 76 Pounds, by Andrew Dolan, is available in E-Book format on Amazon at and can be read on personal computers, iPhones, Androids and other devices using free apps available from Amazon. A paperback edition is also available.

President Taft lost 76 pounds using what he called the “easy diet” in this book to lose weight without surgery, drugs, support groups or crash diets. This book features the original diet program developed by Taft’s doctor, Taft’s daily weight-loss records, photographs of Taft before and after dieting, newspaper interviews with Taft about the results of his diet program and presidential archive documents.Taft’s diet was so effective that his weight losses were front-page news stories in the newspapers of his era.

Taft was the heaviest President in history, yet managed to both lose 76 pounds and keep them off using this diet in conjunction with exercise programs. Taft was the first President to have a personal trainer, and this book includes a rare interview with his personal trainer about Taft’s ninety-minute daily White House exercise routine.

William Howard Taft served as both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This book analyzes how work-induced stress influenced his weight and how his obesity produced secondary health problems such as sleep apnea. Includes over a hundred references.The author of The Taft Diet is the author of several popular science books, including The Sudden Death Of Michael Jackson and How To Pull An AllNighter.

The Taft Diet: How President Taft Lost 76 Pounds, by Andrew Dolan, is available on as a Kindle E-Book and in paperback. E-Book excerpts available online. The trade paperback edition is 144 pages, ISBN: 1478106654

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Table Of Contents

Chapter One/Taft’s Weight Problem

Chapter Two/Taft Was A Politician

Chapter Three/The Science Behind Taft’s Diet Program

Chapter Four/Taft’s Pre-Presidential Diet Program

Chapter Five/The Original Diet Program Instructions Developed By Taft’s Doctor

Chapter Six/Taft’s Post-Presidential Diet Program

Chapter Seven/Taft’s Daily Weight-Loss Records

Chapter Eight/Why Taft Fell Off His Diet As President

Chapter Nine/Taft’s Body-Mass Index And Longevity

Chapter Ten/Fine-Tuning Taft’s Diet

Chapter Eleven/Why Taft Avoided Crash Diets

Chapter Twelve/Taft’s Advice On Doctors, Diets And Exercise

Chapter Thirteen/Taft’s Diet Doctors

Chapter Fourteen/Taft’s Personal Trainer

Chapter Fifteen/Taft’s Secondary Health Problems

Chapter Sixteen/Taft’s Psychology

Chapter Seventeen/What If Taft Had Lived In Our Century?

Chapter Eighteen/Photographs