Networking and More With the Brother MFC 9440CN Printer

Any business would do well to add the Brother MFC 9440CN printer to their arsenal of office equipment. The ability to use a reasonably priced all-in-one printer to handle every printing job that comes through can save the business quite a bit of money every single year. Because the Brother MFC 9440CN toner is also a value, the printing will not only be reasonable, but it will also be very professional looking.

This printer is able to connect to a wireless network, which is a huge benefit in and of itself. Anyone who has ever tripped over the wiring leading from one office to the next knows how much better a wireless office printer can be. Of course, there is also the ability to hardwire into the computer if necessary.

Something that some will overlook when getting a printer is the tray capacity that it can handle. Unlike some smaller printers, this one can handle up to 250 pages on the standard feeder and has an optional tray feeder than can hold up to 500 sheets.

Few print jobs in a small business will ever exceed this need in a single day.

A printer is nothing without affordable and good toner, but rest assured that the Brother MFC 9440CN toner is about as good as it gets. The starter cartridge will offer but a taste of the quality and efficiency of their toners. When your starter cartridge is getting 5,000 copies, you can only imagine how high the yield on the regular toner will be.

All of the software that is needed to hook the printer into any computer is already included with the printer. If the computer was on the market when this printer was released, the software can pair it up. Even if a specific model was not yet on the market, you can probably go to Brother’s main site and get the download that is needed.

Another added benefit if this machine is that it not only accepts documents from the computers on the network, but a flash drive can also be used to load up documents.

These are very convenient, portable memory devices that many presenters love to use when they are on the road. Instead of having to go through the trouble of loading everything onto a computer, just plug it and start printing.

The printing speed is relatively quick at 21 pages per minute. This will prevent employees from standing around the printer as they wait for their job to print out. Hopefully, by the time that they get to the machine, their job will be done and it will already be working on the next one.