Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Many people have heard of mortgage protection through insurance policies but it may sound quite complicated to some. To answer the question right away: mortgage protection through insuring ones life is a form of personal insurance that pays off mortgage loans for people who were unable to pay it off in full due to death, terminal illness or disability.

The initial forms of mortgage protection insurance were directly linked to the current balance of your mortgage account and if your balance decreased so did the insurance coverage amount. However, these days the most popular form of such insurance is getting the insurance coverage amount equal to the initial amount of the mortgage loan without it decreasing over time, which makes it a quite inexpensive form of term insurance.

One of the most recent trends in this market is purchasing return of premium policies as mortgage protection insurance. This trend is caused by the fact that usual mortgage protection insurance rates have become far less competitive than those of term insurance policies. And having the premiums returned with the policy intact reimburses all your payments after the term has expired.

The most popular and less expensive form of mortgage protection life insurance is level benefit term life policy. This form of insurance coverage is typically available for certain periods of time, usually from 20 to 30 years. It has a constant coverage amount and the premiums are kept the same over the entire policy term.

Typical mortgage protection is still available at some banks and certain agents will try to sell it to you, but nowadays it is more beneficial to get one of these:

  1. An insurance policy that delivers set rates that are lower than traditional mortgage protection insurance policies
  2. An insurance policy that guarantees paying off your mortgage in case of your death
  3. A police that doesn’t decrease its coverage amounts

It’s better to check out life insurance quotes from different companies with analyzing the mortgage protection option specifically in order to find which option is best in your case.

Covering your mortgage with return of premium insurance

Another option that has become quite widespread recently is return of premium form of term insurance policies. This form delivers a unique benefit in the form of returned tax-free premiums that you have paid over the entire insurance term in case you keep the policy over it.

This method is quite beneficial because not only it pays off your mortgage loan in any situation, but also gives you back all the money you’ve paid for the insurance in case you are still alive after the policy term has expired. This feature makes it quite appealing to many people, since it is quite likely that you will live on after 20 or 30 years of the policy’s duration. And why not having your money back tax-free in the end? Besides, it makes a really good enhancement to your retirement plan or any other funds when you get older.

Cheap life insurance is possible and it can be quite useful and beneficial for you in the end, as you can see. So if you have a mortgage to secure, now you have good option for making the most out of your loans.