Mobile Advertising Network

Mobile advertising refers to advertising campaigns done on mobile phones. A mobile advertising network is a network put in place to allow a number of different advertisers to display ads on mobile phones (cell phones) and other mobile devices. For instance, Yahoo offers a mobile network in addition to its web based advertising applications.
The following are some points and options a business might consider when planning advertising on a mobile advertising network.
You Must Get Permission
A company that is going to be advertising on a mobile network, with ads that will be displayed on a cell phone, must get permission beforehand. This is most often done through a form on the company’s website that an individual can fill out. This form often promises to send updates, tips, announcements, or even discounts if individuals sign up. It also contains wording that gives the company permission to send advertising to cell phones.
Send Welcome Messages
After individuals have signed up, send them a welcome message via email or their cell phone. This should be a welcoming sort of message that makes them feel at home and describes the company’s services. It can mention other important information such as how often they will be getting announcements and updates and so on.
Include the Company Name in Messages
It is important to include the name of the business in the cell phone messages (i.e. text) messages that the people on the list receive. This will get the name circulating and encourage brand name recognition.
Keep Messages and URLs Economical
Another thing to keep in mind is that cell phone text messages can only have up to 156 characters. So the messages should be brief, links should be shortened, and the points should be made in an economical manner. Businesses can also create web pages that these URLs link to which are easily viewed on cell phones in order to encourage and cater to cell phone based traffic.
Compare Mobile advertising Networks
Companies should find mobile marketing networks and agencies that offer comprehensive services and that have a good reputation. These mobile marketing networks should be compared as to cost and variety of services, as well as in terms of the reviews other users of the service have given it.
Advertising using mobile networks when combined with a comprehensive marketing campaign and good web content can generate a lot of business for a company. It is a fairly new advertising medium that can nevertheless be very valuable to a company’s advertising approach. It tends to reach a lot of people and can add to the profits of almost any business enterprise.