Memory Card Data Recovery Software For Lost Data

It is possible to perform memory card repair by utilising a computer’s formatting accessory. Once a data card has become damaged, it is no longer possible to use it in any circumstances. It will not be deemed possible for the card to either retain or generate novel data. Files that were kept on the media card may be erased as well because of the harm done to the card. In order to start to utilise a memory card once again, the right drive on the computer has to be formatted. This formatting restores the memory card to an earlier date when it was last used properly. All up to date computers make available a formatting device which has the ability to mend all sorts of memory cards so that they can be used again.

Card repair is only possible if certain stages are followed to ensure the card is properly repaired. First of all, the card has to be linked to the computer that is to be used for this purpose. Most computers have a card reader already installed as a slot on the outside of the computer. If it is not possible to locate one then it is a distinct possibility that you will be able to purchase a USB card reader, which will read most cards, at any computer shop that sells accessories.

Once the storage device is in the slot of either the computer or the USB reader then the START button has to be clicked and the “My Computer” link has to be selected from the START menu. Once “My Computer” has been accessed, the removable storage section should be viewed and this is where the memory card will be highlighted.

It will be followed by the letter F or E next to it. At this point, it is necessary to right click on the impaired disc drive. Choose the word “Format” from the directory. When this word is clicked, a new window will open that will include all the details about the memory card along with the file system and its capacity for data storage. In this opened window choose for storage device that can hold 4 GB’s and more “FAT 32”, or “FAT” for cards that hold less than 2GB’s of data. Once this has been completed go to START again and after a short period of time the memory card will be successfully formatted.

The computer will open a new window with the information that will tell you that the card has completed formatting and the data card is now ready for use. It should now be removed from the slot in the side of the computer or from the storage device portable reader and placed back into the device that it was designed for.

Now, the storage device repair should have successfully taken place.